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When you are like me, you love newsletters! And I'm glad to have the opportunity to finally send one out. The newsletter is from 2024 on bi-weekly. It will contain a lot of insights I gained on my first solo bike trip and reports from my upcoming tours. It should be well worthwhile for everybody who's interested in long-distance bike touring.

But I will not only share my thoughts and learnings, but will present other travelers, news about bike politics and every now and then some stories from my garden. (Yes, I know. A bit OT).

#5 - But. Why?

When I was meeting people on my journey, they had two questions. The first one, are you not scared? The second one, why? No, I was not scared. Very easy answer. But, the why question got me. Because I had only one answer. Because I can. And honestly, that was true. I never had the dream to go on such a long-distance bike trip. I simply wanted to have a significant break and a challenge that seemed worthwhile. I had money saved, and I had time. Good enough.

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#4 - I finished.
And I start.

And here I am. I invited everybody to participate in my journey on a bike around Europe. And then I absolutely failed to send out regular newsletters. But I was busy, very busy. With biking, eating, setting up my tent, and biking a bit more. Every day.

Now I’m back. I biked more than 11.000km and climbed almost 90km upwards. A total of more than 150 days of biking. From Rome to Nizza, to Nantes, to Calais, to Land’s End, to Inverness, up to the Shetland Islands and back. And I had a lot of fun. And gained quite some strength. I learned that I don’t need a lot to be happy.

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#3 - Pedalling

Ok, my newsletter business is not going too well. For a long time no update, actually no update since I started to really bike. Many excuses for that, but the biggest one is that usually when I arrive somewhere I'm super tired. I just try to get some food and then snooze off. Oftentimes before 21:00.

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#2 - The mindfuck.

Ok, here we go. The first real newsletter. First of all, thank you everybody for joining. It's more people than I expected and believe me, I won't be upset if you decide to unsubscribe after this one. I will need to get into writing and this will take a tad of time.

I imagined fabulous things. I imagined that I would tell you that I had a glorious time in Rome November last year. That I would speak now fluent Italian and that I met tons of great people. My Italian is still non existent. I didn't meet people. I did not have a glorious time. But I had a good time. Every day I went for a run, every day I was exploring the city and its churches and every Saturday I went to the farmers market (which I totally recommend if you are in Rome). I made adjustments in my life, which I won't tell here, at least not yet. They were important and good. All in all, the last few months were unspectacular, exactly what I needed.

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#1 - I quit.

Wednesday is my last day in the office. I quit. It's not quite like quitting earlier. I quit often and I mostly quit when I felt my job was done. In this case my job is done as well. What makes it different is that I don't want to work anymore. That's a bit off, I want to work, I love to work. But I decided to take a significant break and keep it absolutely open what's next. I don't have another job lined up. I'm allowing myself to go on a little adventure.

And I'm curious where I end up.

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