Planning a long-distance
bicycle trip

Throughout my first bicycle journey, I biked on many bike routes across Europe. I did not always find great information about them, at least not from first-hand experiences. Here I'm collecting information about these routes and hopefully encourage you, to do a trip on your own!

EuroVelo 1

The EuroVelo 1, also known as the Atlantic Coast Route, is a long-distance cycle route following the Atlantic coast in Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, the UK and Norway. The EV1 one is the EuroVelo route that stretches the furthest from North to South. In total there are more than 11.000km available for biking. I biked only parts of it, namely La Vélodyssée from Nantes to Morlaix and in Scotland. But I plan to extend my coverage in April, with a bike tour around Ireland. I will update my experiences, once I completed that tour.

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EuroVelo 4

EuroVelo 4 is a long-distance cycling route connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, spanning approximately 4,000 km through diverse landscapes and cultural sites across Europe. I only biked the part in France, which is also known as Vélo Maritime, here are my experiences based on the 1156km I biked on the EV4.

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EuroVelo 5

EuroVelo 5, as well known as Via Romea or Francigena, was the starting point of my 11000km long biking trip. It's a long-distance bike route from Canterbury to Brindisi. It passes 7 countries (UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy) and is 3200km long. I biked it not in its entirety, but the 1700km I did, were beautiful.

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EuroVelo 8

EuroVelo 8 is a cycling route that is as well known as the Mediterranean Route. And not for no reason! It stretches across the whole Mediterranean Sea for a good 7500km. From Gibraltar to Cyprus, roughly. I only biked the part from Pavia in Italy to Béziers in France, a total of 1143km. Here are my experiences.

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When people ask me about my favourite part of my long bike trip, this part always comes to mind! The landscape is absolutely breathtaking. Mountains and sea, nicely entangled. Lots, and I mean lots, of hills and views that sometimes seemed unreal. These 650km on the North Coast 500 were an absolut highlight of my cycling trip!

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Planning my next bike tour, the Wild Atlantic Way

I returned safely from my first long-distance bike tour in late Summer 2023. You probably know this, as this site talks about nothing else. Right now I'm sitting in cold and dark Winter and I really want to get going again. In 2024 I won't be able to do such a long trip, or rather I decided not to do one, as I have another project planned, setting up a garden. That means I can be away for a month, max. This makes the planning quite a bit different than for this year, I have time constraints.

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What makes a great campsite for cyclists?

During my long-distance bike tour in 2023, I stayed at almost 80 different campgrounds. In France, England, Scotland, Italy and Germany. Many of them were great, few not so much. During the trip, I thought a lot about what actually makes a great campground, specifically for cyclists. Here are my main criteria:

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Taking a train with a bike in Germany

I love trains. You can usually get very easy to the train station, you don't need to check in. You can slowly ease into your destination and see the landscape outside changing. It is my absolute preferred way to travel.

Sometimes, at least in Germany, there are downsides as well. Trains are late, connecting trains can't be made and restaurants are not functioning. And the worst thing. Dirty windows. So you can't see the landscape properly. If I'd be the CEO of any train company, this would be my absolute priority. No kidding.

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Planning for a
good night's sleep

The night before I started my bike trip, it dawned on me, that the days of knowing exactly where to sleep were gone. At least for the time of the trip. Every night I listen to True Crime to snooze away. That might not be a good idea on the trip. Looking back on the six months I spent on the road I can say, that I managed to find every single night a safe, though not always dry, place to get a good night's sleep. Here is how I approached one of the most important tasks on my tour.

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