#4 - I finished.
And I start.

And here I am. I invited everybody to participate in my journey on a bike around Europe. And then I absolutely failed to send out regular newsletters. But I was busy, very busy. With biking, eating, setting up my tent, and biking a bit more. Every day.

Now I’m back. I biked more than 11.000km and climbed almost 90km upwards. A total of more than 150 days of biking. From Rome to Nizza, to Nantes, to Calais, to Land’s End, to Inverness, up to the Shetland Islands and back. And I had a lot of fun. And gained quite some strength. I learned that I don’t need a lot to be happy.

Tuesday, 12. December 2023

Eichenzell, Hesse
Tour deurope

Above you can see the complete route that I biked this year. When I look at the map, my main thought is: so many blank spots, so many more countries to discover. But it’s a start.

While I did not send out regular mails, I collected a lot of material. Thousands of pictures, tons of maps, and a lot more. I started to bundle everything on https://staunchy.com, it’s still a lot to do though, to make it a website that I’m really proud of, but a start is made.

It’s fun looking back, and the time of year is a good one to hide behind a laptop. Cold and grey. But I feel the urge to get going again. Even just in Europe, there are so many places that I still have on the list. I planned for example the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, but I skipped it due to the weather. Or Portugal and the North Coast of Spain. Or Sicily. There’s so much still to discover.

Which brings me to another point. When I returned, people were starting to reach out with new opportunities in terms of work. This is great to see, but the idea of going back to a desk, in long meetings and discussions, didn’t get me too excited. In a call with a friend, she asked me, what I would want to do next. My very quick answer was: I want to be an adventurer. This sounds incredibly stupid. But a quick answer is often a good answer, because it comes from deep within.

And so, that is what I’ll do next. I’m going to be an adventurer. At least for 2024. I want to see whether I can make a living with doing what I enjoy, without an employer. The rough plan is made, the details need to be figured out.

Ciao, ciao!


Mood: happy :)