Tour d'Europe


On the 23rd of February, one day after my 45th birthday, I started a big adventure. A solo bike tour across Europe, with no detailed plans and no planned end. I biked over 11000 kilometers, from Italy to Scotland. On my own. It was my first ever multi-day bike trip.

Map of my bike tour around Western Europe

Map of my route through Europe. Additionally there's a Google Map and my tours on Komoot

Starting the journey, I had only a very rough plan about the route. I knew that I mainly wanted to stay in Western Europe, that I would want to start in Italy, and that I definitely would want to go to Scotland. Initially, I planned to go to Spain and Portugal, which didn't happen. That was fine, after all, the goal was not to prove myself but to have a good time exploring parts of Europe by bike.

The bike tour was my first one, at least the first one to spread across several days. I had no clue, whether I would even like it. Or whether I would make it more than a week. The first week was bumpy, but I stuck to it and ended with more than 150 days of biking, with some additional rest days. I had a fantastic time, and while some people comment on the trip as a one-of-a-lifetime experience, I plan more tours.

From the beginning, it was very clear to me, that I wanted to travel on my own. Frankly, I did not even consider asking anybody else. I'm very good at being on my own, I'm quite confident that I would figure things out and I'm very good at talking to myself. Traveling solo gave me the freedom to go at my own pace, decide on the route rather spontaneously, and enjoy nature.

After a good six months, I decided to finish. The last stretch I even took a train, no glorious last stretch where people would wait for me. But that was fine, I was not looking for that anyhow. Afterall I had a very glorious six months.

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