Plouguernével, Brittany (France)

Plouguernével, situated in Bretagne, France, is a quaint village with a tranquil atmosphere. Known for its historic architecture and rural charm, it offers a peaceful escape in the heart of the countryside.
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Wed, 26. Apr 2023
EuroVelo 1 - crepes at Ecluse 150 - Crêpes & Couette

that was a long one. With a bit of an interruption of the canal, getting into some hills. Very pleasant, missed them!

What I missed too? Food. The ride got quite a bit longer because I tried to get some. First try, I got only salted caramel. Second digestives and ginger beer. Strangely only an English supermarket was open.

Then, I saw what I thought was a cafe, wasn’t. But they pointed me to a Crêpe place. Just some 12 km down the canal. It was open. And what a great stop it was! So friendly, great galettes! In the end they were all waving me goodbye and saying: championne! Bon courage!

I finally made to an actually really great camping spot.

3000km are done!

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Thu, 27. Apr 2023
EuroVelo 1 - a muddy day on the bike

A rainy day. Not like pouring, but quite constant. Only canal, but really sandy. My bike and me got all dirty. I changed plans to be in a BnB. Gorgeous, for very much not a lot of money. But with a late checkin. So, I took the opportunity to take us to the carwash. The bike was good as new and I got my shoes as clean as they could get.

Lots of stops along the way to find cover. And very remote, no people for ages, no reception. I was quite spooked, when all of a sudden there were two dogs sort of waiting for me. They looked at me, I looked at them. Didn’t stop, but got slow and passed them. They followed me. No aggressive chasing, but definitely followed. I got a lot faster until I was at the next street crossing. They were no longer there.

After the car was I went to a little pub. And they were really friendly. All older guys. The owner gave me a postcard of the pub, so I would remember it.

Overall, great day! Only problem, my back brake basically no longer worked at all.

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Mood: happy :)