A fruite stall in Naples

A day off in Napoli

As I was rambling in the newsletter, I somehow got too much into my head about dogs after my first day biking. This is definitely not a qualified statement, warning people about cycling in Puglia. But sometimes this happens. My main goal is to bike, to see Europe and to have a good time. Being super tense all the time is not part of it. But I'm very sure Apulia is great for biking, just this time not for me.

Staircases in Taranto
View from my room in Taranto Fishing boats in Taranto

I took the train from Grottaglie to Taranto and got a place there. These Italian buildings and their hallways are amazing! I took it very slow, got some crisps and actually fell asleep quite early. This is definitely a habit that is forming. But I always get up early as well. Even more than usual, around 5:30am.

From Taranto I went to Naples. The regional trains are great in Italy! I arrived and it was pouring, like hard. So, again, lazy day. But I got a pizza. Of course!

A fantastic pizza at Sorbillo
Anti crisis Pizza :) Waiting line at Sorbillo

The next day was fantastic, full of sunshine and Napoli is a great city to walk around. I usually climb the next hill that I can find to have a good overview of the city. One thing I love in Italy is, that you can get a coffee at 6 am. Easily. It's a really good one too. And usually around a 1.50 Euro. Berlin could learn from that.

Here some impressions.

A little fruit truck in Naples
View on Vesuv
A butcher in Naples
Tennis court in the centre of Naples
Streets of Naples
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