Bayview Campsite

During the day the scenery had changed quite a bit, less coastline and more heathlands. Very beautiful and a very welcomed change. But it was a long day and I arrived late at the bridge before Tongue. All shops were already closed, so I was glad to see that on the bridge was a little food truck. The owner and his mother were the sweetest people I had met so far and the food was really good! After a good meal I continued biking to the campsite in Talmine.


Bayview Campsite Lower, Talmine IV27 4YS, United Kingdom

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North Coast 500 - Bayview campsite

The campsite is located at a beautiful beach. Not fully pictured here...

North Coast 500 - view on the Tongue Bay

View on the Tongue Bay, biking from Talmine

North Coast 500 - the abandoned Moine House

On the way to Talmine, you'll pass the Moine House

To have a little bit of a framework to evaluate campsites for bike travelers, I wrote my criteria down in another post. The review is based on these criteria.


On arrival I saw a beautiful beach and a little house. I was not certain whether this was the campsite. When I saw a little paper with my name on at a pitch, it was confirmed that this was my spot. I asked around where the reception was and was pointed to a lady who worked there. It was a bit of a strange encounter to be frank. She seemed to be overly busy and hardly said hello. But well, I had my spot.

Place away from cars

There were pitches for tents and places for RVs. In theory good. Practically I felt like being trapped between vehicles. On my left there was a group of middle aged men. There car was running. I asked why, they said that they would need to charge their phone. I firmly asked them to stop that. Just minutes later a motorcycle was roaring. I tried to talk to the guys, but they couldn't hear me. Eventually I made myself heard and I asked why there motorcycle was running. They said that they would need to charge their phones. I honestly couldn't believe it. It's not the fault of the campsite, but it was the only campsite where this happened, not only once, but twice.

Chair or seating

I did not ask, but I doubt there was.

Access to electricity

I couldn't find any sockets.

Common room

No common room

Shop or onsite imbiss

Unfortunately not. There seems to be a shop in Talmine, not too far away. But it was closed the time I was there. A very kind dutch couple in an RV offered me some food. I must have looked a bit hungry ;)

Located near a bike route

It's a bit off the NC500. Not a big detour.

Beautiful location

The location of the campsite is wonderful! Just some meters off the campsite there's a beautiful pebble beach and the views on the bay are great!


I'm all for very basic campsites. I stayed at quite some and prefer them to big ones. But honestly, I would pass on this one and rather try to get a spot at the campsite in Tongue, which seems like a very bike-friendly place.

Last update: 7. February 2024
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