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I try to optimize.
And be a tad forgiving.

When traveling for business, I'm really good at packing. During my life I have assembled quite some clothes, but magically they're all fitting together. So I can pack quite minimal, generally I only fly with hand luggage. Hiking similar. And while this might sound not too charming, I prefer to stink a little bit rather than killing my back. The first time I packed my panniers though, wow, I hardly could ride the bike. To be fair, I packed cookbooks and all crazy things. Volume was fine, but weight was not.

Now I need to pack for a year. And I'm going to do mistakes. Good thing is, I can ship things home and if I really miss something, I can buy it. So there won't be too much drama.

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Packing - clothes


I plan to have enough things to change for a good week. People might freak out of the clothes that I'm taking, there are a lot of natural materials in there. But I simply prefer that. We'll see, plans might change. At least it's all I'm going to take, including the clothes when I'm taking off.

  • 360g socks (5)
  • 280g underwear (7)
  • 350g sweater
  • 600g jeans
  • 700g shirts (2)
  • 1000g t-shirts (6)
  • 310g thermo undershirts (3)
  • 180g down jacket
  • 400g rain jacket
  • 100g neon cross belt
  • 440g biking pants (2, one short, one long)
  • 180g bikini
  • 210g vest
  • 640g short pants (2)
  • 750g shoes
  • 420g sandals
  • 15g bandana
  • 150g sleeping pants
  • 40g gloves



Bags and bottles

  • 400g bottles
  • 70g hip bag
  • 190g candy bags
  • 620g handle bar bag
  • 1520g small front panniers
  • 1760g large back panniers


IMG 0064


  • 950g lock with extra keys
  • 320g two spare tubes
  • 338g repair material
  • 290g leatherman
  • 90g bike pump
  • 325g extra straps and stuff to hold stuff


IMG 0058


  • 260g pot
  • 180g stove
  • 150g pot
  • 320g container
  • 65g coffee filter holder
  • 340g gas
  • 40g water clean tablets
  • 120g spork and spices
  • 230g cutting board
  • 85g cloth
  • 200g adventure knife :)


IMG 0060


  • 1250g laptop
  • 255g charger (incl. adapter for the UK)
  • 340g cables (for phone and camera)
  • 455g powerbanks (2)
  • 480g camera
  • 10g spare headphones
  • 80g garmin
  • 40g head torch
  • 15g extra Garmin stuff
  • 220g spare phone
  • 320g hard drive
  • 120g super bright bikelight


IMG 0044


  • 1500g tent
  • 800g sleeping mat
  • 200g pillow
  • 2000g sleeping bag


IMG 0056


  • 280g toothbrush with charger and extra heads
  • 130g toothpaste
  • 180g day cream
  • 20g night cream
  • 70g sun screen face
  • 200g soap
  • 80g penaten cream
  • 40g nail oil
  • 40g perfume, i know...
  • 60g makeup and mascara
  • 30g nail clipper
  • 30g eye drops
  • 110g towel
  • 100g razor and extra heads
  • 250g sun screen body
  • 600g shampoo
  • 45g band aids
  • 30g pain killers (from very light to very very strong, i expect some trouble with one tooth)
  • 30g betaisadona
  • 80g hand sanitizer
  • 80g brush
  • 30g vaccination card



  • 4500g Camping
  • 3585g Tech
  • 1990g Cooking
  • 2315g Tools
  • 6425g Clothes
  • 4560g Bags and Bottles
  • 2485g Toiletries

23375g Total

Last update: 27. November 2023
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Mood: happy :)