Albert, Somme (France)

Albert, in Somme, France, is a historic town with landmarks like the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Brebières. Known for its medieval architecture and role in World War I, it's culturally significant.
Weeks I stayed Albert
Mon, 17. Jul 2023
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Got transferred to summer! Huge fields of wheat, blue skies and no hills. Far less spectacular than Scotland, but still very nice to roll through. I saw the plants as babies and now being back, they’re all grown up!

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Tue, 18. Jul 2023
Beautiful summer landscapes in France

Summer! So much of it! Great to roll through it. Temperatures are not bad, and it’s great for refreshing my tan. Great it was until I reached Creil. Already before it was clear that I reached a metropolitan area, but in Creil I got totally lost. I had to get over a river and basically all roads were closed or impassable. Lots of Glas, trash, very unpleasant. It took me a long time to get to the campsite. Which was a big disaster as well. The pitch was really bad and the vibe was generally bad. At least at the part reserved for people without cars. Seemed like they just dumped them somewhere and still took almost 20 euros for it.

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Mood: happy :)