Altopascio, Tuscany (Italy)

Altopascio, a town in Tuscany, Italy, is renowned for its medieval history and the ancient Spedale di San Jacopo. Surrounded by scenic landscapes, it reflects a blend of historical charm and natural beauty.
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Sat, 11. Mar 2023
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My goal was to write every evening a summary of what happened. I did not manage to do that. It's a lot of work and in the end, I was glad in the evenings when I had something to eat and a beer. And obviously a place to sleep.

I'm now working on summarizing everything, which is not always easy, specially for these first few days. And what I forgot most often is the road or the exact path, I have moments I remember. I very clearly remember for example that I visited a coffeshop close by Vico d'Elsa, but I can't remember a lot of the things in between. I guess I will therefore mainly describe some situations and not so much about the road or climbs. I remember them, when they were really hard or really beautiful, but if they were just normal. Well, these memories are gone. Probably for the better, as I biked over 11000kms.

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Sun, 12. Mar 2023

Quite a glorious day! With a lot of highlights and a strenuous end. Altopascio, I don't know, the name sounded so great. Alto, I believe meaning high up, I somehow expected more, or actually a lot. But the town was not really spectacular. Lucca, my first stop on this day, quite different. Absolutely stunning, with hardly any cars in the city and a big wall around it. Bikes everywhere, everybody out for a nice spring day.

My accomodation was sort of a wild card. I couldn't find anything that wasn't too expensive and this place looked amazing. I had the feeling that it might be quite a bit up a hill, but the owner assured me, that her kids were doing this every day, so it wouldn't be too hard. I ignored my doubts and booked. Oh well.

And, today is the day that I finished my first 500 kilometers!

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