Applecross, Highland (Scotland)

Applecross, a picturesque coastal village in the Scottish Highlands, boasts stunning views of the Inner Sound and Isle of Skye. Known for the challenging Bealach na Bà pass, it's a haven for nature lovers and road-trippers.
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Weeks I stayed Applecross
Sun, 18. Jun 2023
North Coast 500 - On top of the Bealach Na Ba

Bealach Na Ba! One of the steepest climbs of the UK! And my Garmin showed me a double peak. Going up and then quite a bit down and up again. Quite an ascend. I was a tad worried, specially about this double climb. I even got my new shoes out. I‘ve seen as well pictures the night before which seemed unreal. And certainly, it was not easy. What was specifically not easy was to meet a group of bikers at the top who blasted #beinhart - call me speechless. Met a nice guy at the top who decided spontaneously to go down to Applecross. I warned him about the double peak. He got a bit worried as well. Now the bummer, there was actually not a double peak. I was actually quite disappointed. Not sure what went wrong between Komoot and Garmin. The route was exactly what I was riding. So, well. Steepest climb of the UK, but was a lot easier than I anticipated. Maybe that’s a good strategy for future challenges…

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Mon, 19. Jun 2023
North Coast 500 - little house with a red roof

Nothing special happened. But a spectacular downhill stretch along the Benn Eighe nature reserve on a freshly made street. Nothing special still means stunning landscape! If you have some time at hand, go biking the #nc500. The motorbikes and caravans are annoying, but nothing compared to a normal road! Oh, we had beers in a very strange setting, almost Twin Peaks-like. Not as good, but very strange.

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