Berguème, Wallonia (Belgium)

Berguème is a charming village in Wallonia, Belgium, known for its picturesque setting amid rolling hills. Rich in history, it features quaint architecture, a tranquil atmosphere, and cultural heritage.
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Weeks I stayed Berguème
Sat, 12. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - traditional bakery in Belgium

Very rainy start of the day. Packed my stuff as early as possible to not meet again anybody from the campsite. Had a nice coffee under the village tree to shelter from the rain. Nice bike ride in the forest. With a lot of small flowers, very hard to picture. Ended at a campsite where I had high hopes to have a calm evening. It was. Until the group of Bachelors decided to have a football game, with goal roughly positioned where my tent was. Maybe tomorrow…

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Sun, 13. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - large foals

Days are pretty short. I do have quite some back pain and take it therefore easy. One thing about Belgium. Animals are big! Today I saw a little calf, I thought it was cuddling with a pig. Massive behind. But it was a calf as well. Good rest today, no annoyances. Just a small one maybe. Big field to tent. Guy is setting up tent 3 meters away. Will never understand.

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Mood: happy :)