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Not my favourite. Lots of rain, annoying campsites and not my favourite areas. But four countries, partially small ones. Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and France. Absolutely confused about languages. Ready to get to the Alps.
Where the 457 kilometers took me
Fri, 11. Aug 2023
IMG 3810 1

The Ourthe is beautiful and Belgium has really nice bike routes. But it seems as well that I got into the epicentre of summer vacations. Camp site was so bad. They gave me the slot that was as well the entry to do fishing. In the Ende end, everybody hated me on the campsite, and believe me, I hated them so bad. Constantly people standing in front of my tent, stumbling over the robes. I was close to leave at night in the rain. Absolutely terrible.

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Sat, 12. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - traditional bakery in Belgium

Very rainy start of the day. Packed my stuff as early as possible to not meet again anybody from the campsite. Had a nice coffee under the village tree to shelter from the rain. Nice bike ride in the forest. With a lot of small flowers, very hard to picture. Ended at a campsite where I had high hopes to have a calm evening. It was. Until the group of Bachelors decided to have a football game, with goal roughly positioned where my tent was. Maybe tomorrow…

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Sun, 13. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - large foals

Days are pretty short. I do have quite some back pain and take it therefore easy. One thing about Belgium. Animals are big! Today I saw a little calf, I thought it was cuddling with a pig. Massive behind. But it was a calf as well. Good rest today, no annoyances. Just a small one maybe. Big field to tent. Guy is setting up tent 3 meters away. Will never understand.

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Mon, 14. Aug 2023
IMG 3860 1

Starting in Belgium, ending in Luxemburg. Idyllic campground, but getting into Luxemburg in the early morning, on a Monday. People with shopping carts full of alcohol and cigarettes. Stands selling aperol. And lines of cars. Tax differences, I guess. Vey calm and great bike way, but a lot of rain. Getting into Luxemburg city, weather cleared up and I got some great views of the city. The question what language to speak of the last few days will continue for a while.

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Tue, 15. Aug 2023
IMG 3870 2

Rain, rain, rain. Before that, a nice downhill part through vineyards. Arrived in Schengen and basically decided to take emergency shelter in a hotel in Manderen. Very short ride. Might be obviuthat the last few days haven’t been my favourites. As I’m already quite a bit in the future, I know that glorious days will come. Obviously it’s not specifically about the regions themselves, but rather a combination of timing and mood. Would be happy to visit each area again.

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Wed, 16. Aug 2023
IMG 3883 2

Another short day, heavy thunderstorm announced for that area and I want to reach a campsite before. Quick dip into Germany. And that was quite a thunderstorm. Set up the tent, did some shopping and then watched the spectacle under a cover. Glad to have had that structure around me, and super confident that my tent can hold the rain. Which it did! Oh and: #iseefaces

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Thu, 17. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - rose gardens and industrial building on the way to Saarbrücken

An uneventful day, nicely biking through the Saarland. Always fascinating to see all these factories and industrial buildings. A really well maintained garden is a happier view though. The biggest event the next morning: a family of beavers!

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Mood: happy :)