Brindisi, Apulia (Italy)

Brindisi, an Italian gem, boasts a historic harbor on the Adriatic coast. With ancient Roman ruins, a stunning waterfront, and delectable cuisine, Brindisi invites visitors to savor its rich heritage.
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Sun, 26. Feb 2023
EuroVelo 5 - Confetti in Oria

A little disclaimer. I only count the days cycling. It's actually already day 4 if you count the total trip. The first few days I mainly spent on trains. From Fulda to Bologna, from Bologna to Bari, and from Bari to Brindisi. These days went super smooth, with maybe two key learnings. One: It's good to have food on you, especially if your hotel is off-center and your arrival is late. Two: Arriving at night in a city can be a bit disorienting (I only saw the next morning that there was a nice bike lane).

Day 1 of cycling. Generally, it went really well. Just 55km, but that was according to plan. The road I followed was as well at most parts really good. There was one exception though and I ramble about that and the results in my first newsletter post.

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