Bristol, Somerset (England)

Bristol, in Somerset, England, is a vibrant city with a rich maritime history. Known for the Clifton Suspension Bridge, street art scene, and diverse culture, it offers a dynamic urban experience.
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Sun, 28. May 2023
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Nice, and uneventful day. Followed by a rest day in Bristol. Woke up early and wanted to see whether the shops I need would be open. Some meters in my walk I saw a group of people hanging out and a fire burning. Got like SF SoMa vibes. Turned around to make myself a coffee to see what was going on. If I walk into a sketchy area, I want to know and not just wander around. Turned out I was living closeby Turbo Island. Bristol was not my favourite city, but i got all I needed. Shoes, a foldable kettle, gas and coffee. And some kimchi!

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Tue, 30. May 2023
Land's End to John o'Groats - Severn Bridge near Bristol

Biking from Bristol over a bridge. Never sure what I think of them, but in the end, always a bit scared. Maybe due to a little accident I had on the Golden Gate Bridge, but this one was empty, so no problems. Then I went through beautiful mountains down a valley to Tintern Abbey. Reminded me almost of the Alps. Ended on a small campsite in the middle of nowhere with a great panorama.

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Mood: happy :)