Carlisle, Cumbria (England)

Carlisle, in Cumbria, England, is a historic city with a medieval cathedral and castle. Situated near the Scottish border, it has a rich heritage, vibrant markets, and scenic river views.
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Weeks I stayed Carlisle
Wed, 7. Jun 2023
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Beautiful views at the beginning of the day. Always hard to capture, but looked unreal. Nice and easy ride, until I got in an unpacked stretch where I passed a castle and herds of cows and sheep. I need to look more into the history of public foot paths and bridleways in England. For me right now, not so great. But being on foot, great. Landed in Carlisle. Big disappointment. I went to do some laundry, but nada. No single laundromat. The biggest attraction for me was the McVitie‘s factory. They produce my biggest source of energy. Hobnobs!

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Mon, 10. Jul 2023
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Took a train to Carlisle and started biking from there. And I was met with A LOT of rain. Beautiful, but so rainy. Had to shelter for several hours. And closed roads. Which made it necessary to take a double carriage way. Not my favourite. So far, not too happy.

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Thu, 8. Jun 2023
Katharina Birkenbach

I made it to Scotland! A big milestone! Landscape was beautiful, but the road was more of a bike highway. Just a strip on a rather busy street. Great to get some miles done! But a bit scary when big wood lorries rush by. Ended on a campsite with the most beautiful view, and tons of bunnies. Looking forward to the weeks to come!

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