Chorley, Lancashire (England)

Chorley, in Lancashire, England, is a market town surrounded by scenic countryside. Known for Astley Hall, it combines historical charm with modern amenities and hosts various events, making it vibrant.
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Weeks I stayed Chorley
Sat, 3. Jun 2023
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A terrible day! Planned a longish ride, not a lot ascend. But man! So bad! Terrible roads, small canal roads and worst of all. A lot, and I mean A LOT of absolutely ridiculous gates! So much money spent for absolute nonsense. Whoever planned these should burn in hell. Campsite had ponies though directly at my pitch. It had a little river to cross. On the way in it worked out well… leaving was not so good...

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Sun, 4. Jun 2023
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Eventful! First one. I fell into the little river I crossed before successfully. The evening I was so tired that I just went through. In the morning I tried to be smart. Navigating around a little hole. But I was not smart. It was filled with algae and very slippery. So I fell in. Nothing happened. Only the mudguard got lose. But I wish I had a video. Then I got so hungry that I got to eat! Something proper, not just #hobnobs. Got my first Sunday roast and my first Yorkshire pudding. Delicious! Booked a campsite that sounded so great and fun! But I was the only one there and it was actually a giant park. Really, a tad scary. But overall, good day!

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Mood: happy :)