Dundonnell, Highland (Scotland)

Dundonnell, located in the Scottish Highlands, is surrounded by majestic mountains and serene lochs. Its scenic beauty, including the iconic An Teallach mountain, attracts hikers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking tranquility.
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Weeks I stayed Dundonnell
Tue, 20. Jun 2023
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My Garmin is so confused here. I go up hills and it shows me that I’m going down. And then it records that the stretch uphill was up to 61% ascend. Which was obviously not true either. But that hill was bad. It was the first time uphill where I really thought: #FML - the view was spectacular though! Until a bus with tourists came and absolutely killed my peace. We just arrived before it started raining. I really wanted to have a beer before setting up the tent! Good intuition that was. It started pouring. So much that the campsite of the pub was actually flooded. I investigated what a room would be. And it was too much, at least for what it was. But the lady bartender told us that she had something better. For free. Her caravan! So sweet! We stayed in there and remained dry 😊

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Wed, 21. Jun 2023
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That one was tough! More than a 100km, more than 1400m ascend, headwinds. But again, absolute stunner! Misty peaks, lots of lakes with water lilies, little islands and winding roads. Passing places downhill suck, but uphill they’re my new best friends. I stopped pushing the bike, but rather take short breaks. Which they’re perfect for. We ended at an absolutely beautiful place nd decided to call the next day a rest day. With cake and a bit of sunbathing.

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