Folkestone, Kent (England)

Folkestone, in Kent, England, is a coastal town known for its picturesque harbor, the Creative Quarter's vibrant arts scene, and the charming Leas Promenade overlooking the English Channel.
Weeks I stayed Folkestone
Fri, 19. May 2023
day 66

Hello Great Britain! At last, I made it to the ferry and get to the UK! The last stretches of a part of the journey I always feel a bit like moving on, and curious for the new beginning. The ferry ride was very easy, got fish and chips and then found myself in Dover. The harbour was quite confusing, as I'm not used to ride on the left side. Luckily there was a little red line I could follow, which got me safely out of the area. And immediately in a very beautiful landscape. I was focused so much to stay on the left, that it seemed obvious to stay on the left when I saw a tunnel going steep downhill. Quite adventurous ride, downhill, tunnel, dark. When I arrived at the bottom, I realised that it was the wrong direction. So, up again. Arrived safely in Folkestone. Super cute little town and great to meet some old friends.

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Sun, 21. May 2023
Mood: happy :)