Glurns, South Tyrol (Italy)

Glurns in Italian Glorenza, in South Tyrol, Italy, is a charming medieval town surrounded by the Alps. Enclosed by well-preserved walls, it offers a step back in time with cobbled streets and historic architecture.
Sat, 2. Sep 2023
The cycle route Via Claudia Augusta passing the campsite in Glurns

Three countries in a day! I started in Switzerland, just some few kilometers, to then climb the #norbertshöhe - very nice, not too hard and a lot of road bikers. Almost half of the climb I was accompanied by a guy, which was really nice, you get quite distracted from the ascend. After that I passed Nauders and got into Italy on the Reschenpass, the bike version. The flooded church is quite a sight and the mountain panorama is absolutely beautiful. The most exciting part though? The cycle path towards Glurns! Downhill, all the way, no cars and really, so idyllic. Going up there must be super tough though, very steep, narrow, long, and many bikers enjoying their way down. In Glurns/Glorenza were some festivities and I decided to keep the day short and pitch my tent.

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Sun, 3. Sep 2023
IMG 4315

Rolling through apple orchards. So many of them! And what is plenty as well? E-bikers. A couple was rushing by, once a gate on the bike path came though, the lady was not able to handle her bike and rushed into it. I had to break harshly and my breaks cable broke. Obviously it was already strained, but some people should learn how to handle their bikes before they bike that fast. She was going at least 25km/h. I was lucky though, I got it fixed on a Sunday in Meran. The stretch from Meran to Bozen is wonderful! I drove through it some years ago and was back then already reminded of Yosemite, beautiful mountains!

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