Hampton Heath, Cheshire (England)

Hampton Heath, in Cheshire, England, is a small rural hamlet surrounded by fields and farmland. With a quiet atmosphere, it provides a serene setting away from urban hustle.
Cycle routes passing Hampton Heath
Weeks I stayed Hampton Heath
Fri, 2. Jun 2023
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Stop. Look. Listen. Sounds like a Motown song, but is just a warning sign of a train crossing. I find them stressful, as they‘re always gated. When I was a kid, my neighbour was killed by a train. First stop at Shrewsbury. Super cute little town! Came across a carrot cake swissroll, which should be available everywhere! Super cute ranchy campsite in the evening, ride pretty uneventful.

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Sat, 3. Jun 2023
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A terrible day! Planned a longish ride, not a lot ascend. But man! So bad! Terrible roads, small canal roads and worst of all. A lot, and I mean A LOT of absolutely ridiculous gates! So much money spent for absolute nonsense. Whoever planned these should burn in hell. Campsite had ponies though directly at my pitch. It had a little river to cross. On the way in it worked out well… leaving was not so good...

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Mood: happy :)