Josselin, Brittany (France)

Josselin, nestled in Bretagne, France, is a medieval town with a fairytale castle, the Château de Josselin. Known for its half-timbered houses and cobbled streets, it captivates visitors with historical charm.
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Tue, 25. Apr 2023
EuroVelo 1 - my Surly Disc Trucker parked in Josselin, Bretagne

Canal, canal, canal. Not going to lie, enjoyed it. I still had a bit of dog in me and on canals, there are none. I do prefer the Nantes to Brest canal to the Canal du Midi as well. More changing landscape.

Along the way I could branch out a bit and get a Kouign Aman. This bakery got supposedly a medal for it. What shall I say it was really good.

I arrived in Josselin. I felt like I was in Hogwarts/Hogsmeade. So picturesque. But it had a very annoying quirk. Everybody I was talking to, talked back to me in English. Like very persistently. Fine. But the bad thing was that they hardly spoke English. Not to praise me, but I can easily hold a simple conversation in French. It made things so much more complicated and to be frank, quite a bit unpleasant. Sort of happy when I left. Never happened before in any other town.

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Wed, 26. Apr 2023
EuroVelo 1 - crepes at Ecluse 150 - Crêpes & Couette

that was a long one. With a bit of an interruption of the canal, getting into some hills. Very pleasant, missed them!

What I missed too? Food. The ride got quite a bit longer because I tried to get some. First try, I got only salted caramel. Second digestives and ginger beer. Strangely only an English supermarket was open.

Then, I saw what I thought was a cafe, wasn’t. But they pointed me to a Crêpe place. Just some 12 km down the canal. It was open. And what a great stop it was! So friendly, great galettes! In the end they were all waving me goodbye and saying: championne! Bon courage!

I finally made to an actually really great camping spot.

3000km are done!

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Mood: happy :)