Lydford, Devon (England)

Lydford, in Devon, England, is a historic village with a medieval castle and a picturesque gorge. Its church, castle, and surrounding landscapes contribute to a charming and timeless atmosphere.
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Thu, 25. May 2023
Land's End to John o'Groats - pie in Lostwithiel

Hills, sheep and pies. Cornwall was beautiful! Now heading into Devon. Great views of the Dartmoor, and surprises after climbs. Free roaming sheep and a herd of baby cows. France won’t like it. But the food here is great! A nice pie with bacon and egg. Sleeping in a pub tonight, I’m a tad scared of camping in Dartmoor.

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Fri, 26. May 2023
Land's End to John o'Groats - Beautiful Dartmoor

Another great day. A lot less hilly then yesterday, but still some. On a note, yesterday I lost some 400 meters to Garmin, as it was paused because of pushing and/or being too slow. Need to check that. Went through the north of the Dartmoor, on a beautiful bike lane, went down and then up. Quite a bit. In the end I was super tired, looked to the right. And what did I see? A herd of Shetland ponies. That happened now a few times, getting up a hill and then having a great animal surprise. On one street a driver was driving right to me and was asking whether I'd do the #lejog and that he lives in Carlisle, which I would pass. Generally, people seem to be a lot more friendly and chatty. Everytime there's an interaction with a car, they wait, or I wait, there's actually a smile on their faces. Which I haven't had too much before. Another great camping. This time it was fully booked, bank holidays, but the pitches were super generous and seperated by wild flower meadows. No cars on the ground, but people had huge tents. Seemed more like people camping for the first time, a little bit of a hipster camp ground.

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Mood: happy :)