Montmorillon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Montmorillon, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, is a charming town along the Gartempe River. Renowned for its medieval architecture and as a "City of Writing," it offers cultural richness and picturesque landscapes.
Weeks I stayed Montmorillon
Thu, 20. Apr 2023
Day 43

Short ride was planned. To Lussac-les-Chateaux. A small town, but with a train station. I hadn't any campground booked, but there was one there, so I thought that should be fine. I passed some municipal campgrounds, but they were all still closed. It seems that the ones further up north are not necessarily opening in April. And yes, the one I aimed to stay at was as well closed.

I got a last minute AirBnb at a closeby town, Montmorillon, just a little bit further. Seemed like a nice little town, with a preference with slightly strange sculptures.

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Fri, 21. Apr 2023
Day 44

This even can't be called a bike day. Just went quickly from Montmorillon to Lussac to get the train. First time train in France with bike. And oh well, considerably different from Italy. Way more expensive, way more restricted. Lots of trains, actually a whole day, was fully booked with bikes. I had to get a bike ticket for the TGV and the Intercity. One thing that is the same though: too small elevators. They simply don't fit the bike. In Italy you could sneak over the rails, which made it ok. Not possible in France. Magically, I haven't got any new blue spots on my legs.

I was only very brief in Nantes. But what I saw, I liked a lot. It reminded me of a mix of Rotterdam and Copenhagen, can't explain why. And it was very easy to get around with the bike. Next time I'll be there, I'll definitely try to stay there a day longer.

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