Paris, Paris (France)

Paris, in France, is the capital and a global city known for its iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. It boasts art, culture, and gastronomy.
Weeks I stayed Paris
Wed, 19. Jul 2023
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Closed roads, bumpy roads and a sad loss. I lost my sweater! Still not sure how it happened as the bottle on top of it was unmoved. But I guess bumpy roads and wind made it happen. Thank god it wasn’t my self knitted one, which would have been irreplaceable. But still, very sad. It was such a good companion! For the closed road, it led me into a forest, quite deep without anymore signage in the wrong direction. Didn’t like it too much, as I actually planned to be in my old Paris office, which got a lot more unlikely and with the retour for searching my jacket. Going into Paris I hoped for great pictures, which didn’t happen either. I wanted to go to Paris to see how the bike lanes are, heard so much about them! And there are plenty! Which is great! But it feels like absolute chaos as well. Tuned scooters, e-bikes, kids, all different paces and seemingly no rules… but I guess these are the growing pains and not a reason to be discouraged, but rather to keep working on it.

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Thu, 20. Jul 2023
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Long way out of Paris. Beautiful fields of sunflowers really giving summer feels. And a lot of Seine, which was strangely not showing up on Garmin. I think the blue of got covered by the green of the nature reserve. Arrived in Samoreau and there was a typical Bavarian pole, really don’t know the name. But it made me really excited to get to Germany soon. Got some great food as well. But man, bad waiters, unfriendly waiters really ruining the experience.

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Mood: happy :)