Presteigne, Radnorshire (England)

Presteigne, in Radnorshire, England, is a charming market town with medieval roots. Surrounded by picturesque countryside, it features historic architecture, the Judges' Lodgings museum, and a vibrant community spirit.
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Weeks I stayed Presteigne
Wed, 31. May 2023
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The most exciting thing, I finally made my first coffee! I got this excellent little foldable kettle from SeaToSummit and it worked like a charm. Getting coffee is essential for me, if I don't get it, I get a bit cranky. This is solved now. Still a bit scared of the gas tanks though, but well... Ride was, as far as I can remember, uneventful and nice. I remember this one part where they're planting quite some trees, which was great to see. Oh, and I met two bike touring people who looked actually cool once I left my camp spot. We shared the road for exactly 100m. Camping in the evening was great, with a surprise visit of cows taking a bath in the river beside my tent.

And another thing. I love the public footpaths. Great idea. But mostly not bikeable, which my route is sometimes neglecting. Will need to look up the history behind them, and the one of the #bridleways as well.

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Thu, 1. Jun 2023
Land's End to John o'Groats - my Surly Disc Trucker, leaning on a typical British phone booth

Mountains are slowly coming. The first days here in the UK were sometimes really choppy, steep climb, steep decline. Generally it was beautiful, but this can be exhausting. Specially so steep, that I could only push. But now some longer ascends are coming. Where I don’t need to push, exhaust myself a bit and get rewarding views! These make me very happy! The campsite where I arrived was full of crows. Note to myself, as I didn’t take any pictures there. And in many villages you‘ll find the old phone booths, now used as a station for defibrillators. Pretty cool. And pretty!

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Mood: happy :)