Samoreau, Île-de-France (France)

Samoreau, in Île-de-France, France, is a charming commune along the Seine River. With historic architecture and proximity to Fontainebleau, it offers a peaceful setting with natural beauty and cultural richness.
Weeks I stayed Samoreau
Thu, 20. Jul 2023
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Long way out of Paris. Beautiful fields of sunflowers really giving summer feels. And a lot of Seine, which was strangely not showing up on Garmin. I think the blue of got covered by the green of the nature reserve. Arrived in Samoreau and there was a typical Bavarian pole, really don’t know the name. But it made me really excited to get to Germany soon. Got some great food as well. But man, bad waiters, unfriendly waiters really ruining the experience.

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Fri, 21. Jul 2023
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Canal, canal, canal. I just take it as a bit of a highway. It’s nice to ride, but not a lot going on. It’s fascinating though to see all the old factories. They seem ancient, but some seem to be still working. The next days will be similar so I’ll be tuning up my mileage.

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