Schönenwerd, Olten (Switzerland)

Schönenwerd, near Olten in Switzerland, is a serene town known for its scenic beauty along the Aare River. With historic architecture and a peaceful atmosphere, it offers a charming Swiss experience.
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Weeks I stayed Schönenwerd
Mon, 21. Aug 2023
EuroVelo 5 - The Rhine close to Basel

I’m in Switzerland! Started with a nice flat ride on the Rhine, continued to Basel and then entered the Jura with a first mountainous area. Basel. Amazing to see people swimming or floating in the river with their dry bags. Would have loved to do that! And then the whole day the question. Is it mountains or clouds. Both, but first glimpses of glaciers.

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Tue, 22. Aug 2023
Eurovelo 5 - bike path along the Lake Lucerne

Absolutely beautiful day. Big mountains in sight, beautiful lake and Lucerne with an absolutely stunning cityscape. People are again swimming in the river. Biking in these semi tunnels and a breathtaking sunset. Switzerland is so expensive, but I’m ignoring this, within reason, as it’s so beautiful as well.

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