Sireuil, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Sireuil, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, is a charming village along the Dronne River. Surrounded by vineyards and greenery, it exudes tranquility and offers a glimpse into the scenic beauty of rural France.
Weeks I stayed Sireuil
Sun, 16. Apr 2023
Day 40

By now I'm a camping pro. I do have my routine and can set up everything super quick. No more chaos in the tent. But it still can get cold. At least for me. 3 degrees is not exactly warm. I do have a layering concept on the upper body that I use day and night. @falke undershirt, @rapha merino turtleneck, @everlane jeans shirt, @akindofguise wool pullunder, a @snowpeak_official down jacket and a huge @babaa wool sweater. I think I cracked it for that weather. And yes. @manfantastic is for years my inspiration for layering. They had a fantastic editorial where they were just showing underarms and hands with different layers. That's what I'm aiming for. Always.

Bike ride was great great! Lots of green, lots of small hills. And a fun little surprise at my camping spot. A bird has nested in the electricity box. First time that I ever used one of these. I fear the eggs don't have a high chance of getting alive.

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Mon, 17. Apr 2023
Day 41

iseefaces. Well only one, but it summarizes how I feel today. Again beautiful streets, but today was actually a bit tough. A lot of up and down. Up not in a way where you get through with going down first, but where you're tempted to push. But not a real climb. Plus the wind, headwind. It doesn't end. I'm so curious whether wind is stable once I go West again. Quite likely not, instead of coming from NE it will turn to W. I'm sure. Oh well.

I'm staying in a little old/new camper today. Very nice. But was even better. I expected that I would not get any food at all. It's often the same. Once I see a supermarket I think it's still too far away from the finish line. And then comes. Absolutely nothing.

But my host made me a whole quiche Lorraine, a green salad, a great dessert, plus a meringue. Fully stuffed. Thank you!

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Mood: happy :)