Sorèze, Occitania (France)

Sorèze is a commune in the Occitania region of France. Known for the Abbey School of Sorèze and its historical buildings, the town has cultural and educational significance.
Weeks I stayed Sorèze
Sat, 8. Apr 2023
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Vous n'avez pas la priorité. I think that is actually a good motto to approach any traffic. It would be great if everybody has experience how it is to be a pedestrian, a biker or driver. All three can be so annoying, when they're not aware of their environment and don't look out for the others. Similar route as yesterday, just reversed. First voie verte and then small country roads. The landscape was actually beautiful. Not dramatic, a lot of green, great views. Reminded me actually a lot of the Rhön, where I grew up. While setting up my tent, it dawned on me, that I actually have with me all I need to live. Despite maybe some clothes for cold winter. But for the rest, that's it. I don't need more. That doesn't mean that I will get rid of my things at home, most of them I truly love and they are holders of dear memories. But if I would need to, I'd be all good.

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Mon, 10. Apr 2023
Day 35

Ok, the image is a bit gory. But the red, white, yellow and green, I still like. And it's a reminder that those gears are sharp. Nothing bad happened, just a small cut on my toe, but it was bleeding quite a bit. And I hardly took pictures today.

Most of the time I was biking along the Canal du Midi, and no complaints, but I was a bit bored. And quite some people, I had almost a headache from moving my head to greet people. For most everybody this would be a great tour, I just don't enjoy them so much. In the beginning it was parallel to the highway and loud, which was not so pleasant, but got better afterwards. I need to check my future routes, specially in the Bretagne. To avoid the canals.

Sorèze was a beautiful little village. Not even 3000 inhabitants and it got all one needs. Beautiful buildings and very clean. Toulouse seems to be very nice as well, but I was a bit too tired today, so will check it out tomorrow morning a bit more.

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