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The first two days were entertaining! Great little country roads, up and down. Very enjoyable! I even got a glimpse of the Pyrenees, not as exciting as when I first spotted the Alps, but still! And then I got a glimpse of the canal life. Canal on canal on canal. It's not my favourite, the canal. A tad boring.
Where the 457 kilometers took me
Fri, 7. Apr 2023
IMG 1058 2

Back into the mountains. By now, I don't think it's a secret that I prefer hills to flat. Through a beautiful landscape with plenty of vineyards, up and down. I was following the V84. For half the time, then a turn into a long Voie Verte, a special cycleway. One never knows exactly when planning a route with Komoot. It was hinted that the path would be possible hard to bike. But opposite was true, hardpacked gravel and so many signs. A great day.

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Sat, 8. Apr 2023
IMG 1071

Vous n'avez pas la priorité. I think that is actually a good motto to approach any traffic. It would be great if everybody has experience how it is to be a pedestrian, a biker or driver. All three can be so annoying, when they're not aware of their environment and don't look out for the others. Similar route as yesterday, just reversed. First voie verte and then small country roads. The landscape was actually beautiful. Not dramatic, a lot of green, great views. Reminded me actually a lot of the Rhön, where I grew up. While setting up my tent, it dawned on me, that I actually have with me all I need to live. Despite maybe some clothes for cold winter. But for the rest, that's it. I don't need more. That doesn't mean that I will get rid of my things at home, most of them I truly love and they are holders of dear memories. But if I would need to, I'd be all good.

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Mon, 10. Apr 2023
Day 35

Ok, the image is a bit gory. But the red, white, yellow and green, I still like. And it's a reminder that those gears are sharp. Nothing bad happened, just a small cut on my toe, but it was bleeding quite a bit. And I hardly took pictures today.

Most of the time I was biking along the Canal du Midi, and no complaints, but I was a bit bored. And quite some people, I had almost a headache from moving my head to greet people. For most everybody this would be a great tour, I just don't enjoy them so much. In the beginning it was parallel to the highway and loud, which was not so pleasant, but got better afterwards. I need to check my future routes, specially in the Bretagne. To avoid the canals.

Sorèze was a beautiful little village. Not even 3000 inhabitants and it got all one needs. Beautiful buildings and very clean. Toulouse seems to be very nice as well, but I was a bit too tired today, so will check it out tomorrow morning a bit more.

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Tue, 11. Apr 2023
IMG 1136 1

I have not seen a lot of Toulouse. I was simply too tired. And the next morning I was quite busy. I went to the pharmacy to get a French version of my special cream, as the metal tube of my Indian special cream was broken and created a mess. My American shampoo container broke as well, so I went the first time ever to Decathlon to get some squishy container. It's not the shop of my choice, but it did the job. When I started biking, I realised that this is now my new home. That's where I felt most comfortable. The night before I stayed in a hotel that was as well some sort of co-working space. It was perfectly fine, but I did not like it. That polished space with all the young people hanging on sofas, with a Steinbeck piano and ping pong tables made me cringe. I'm glad that I left this world behind.

Biking again along the canal. It's not super exciting, but it was definitely better than the day before. Mainly because it was not Easter Monday and there were less people on the path. Chickens on the road gave me Kauai vibes. And then there was a little town, ironically call Montech, that did actually a great job highlighting the history and function of the canal and they did a great job with their CI, only the faux italic left me a bit wondering (not pictured here).

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Wed, 12. Apr 2023
IMG 1151 3

What a day! I got going pretty early, as I needed coffee, and frankly, cigarettes. Valence d'Agen is quite a nice little town and everything was there, plus the morning pain au chocolat. I asked for the first time during this tour whether I could take a picture of somebody. This old gentleman was just too good to pass. Beautiful little bike, great outfit and a very happy smile. Turns out he's 92 years old and runs the bike shop on the other side of the square with his wife. The shop is there for 80 years. He told me that if I have troubles with my bike I could come to him. Little did I know.

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Thu, 13. Apr 2023
IMG 1190 1

Not my favourite day. It was clear that it was raining all day and I needed some new spare tubes. I packed again quickly in the morning and got going. That night I camped at a farm. And they had goats, specially baby goats, and a lot of other animals. The smallest baby goat actually escaped through the fence and I caught it and carried it bag. It was just a day old. Carrying baby goats, I could happily all the time. By now I must say I do really love to live in the tent. Fresh air, and I feel actually very safe in there. So safe that I even listen to podcasts about serial killers...

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