Spessa, Lombardy (Italy)

Spessa, in Lombardy, Italy, is a picturesque village with historical architecture surrounded by vineyards. Renowned for its wine production, it offers a charming environment and rural allure.
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Fri, 17. Mar 2023
Eurovelo 5 - my Garmin and a desastrous bridge

My worst day yet. It started out all fine and dandy, but turned pretty quick. First stop, as almost always, a little village, Alseno. With a cafe and an abbey. Continued to Piacenza where I found a great farmers market and went on a little stroll around the city to then get going direction Spessa.

And wow, a very busy street. Cars basically being far less polite than I have experienced them earlier on my trip. Might have been as well simply the nature of the road. I'm usually not too worried about cars, I would go even so far, that I prefer some roads with cars over bike roads. Actually quite often. But that was simply too much.

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Sat, 18. Mar 2023
IMG 0596

A day of firsts! The weather is slowly getting a bit warmer, so I decided to finally wear some short biking pants. One can truly say, not a beautiful sight. Handling the bike, specially when taking a train, left its marks. A lot of bruises. But well, getting a tan will help.

And another first, my first flat tire. That was constantly on my mind during the first few weeks. Everytime somebody talked about it, I didn't want to hear about it. No jinxing. I have never successfully fixed a flat tire before, the thought of it was a bit daunting!

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