Strathy, Highland (Scotland)

Strathy, located in the Highland region of Scotland, is a tranquil village with a beautiful sandy beach. Surrounded by scenic landscapes, it offers a peaceful retreat and opportunities for outdoor exploration.
Cycle routes passing Strathy
Weeks I stayed Strathy
Sun, 25. Jun 2023

Having a set destiny some days in advance seems to make me lazy. Again. Short day. To be fair though, a lot of uphill. All with strong headwinds and dark clouds. I hardly could stand at a point. I had cell reception, found a great BnB nearby and settled in the bus station. And the one thing that I’m really proud of is my sense for rain. I left the bus stop just in time to arrive at the BnB in time for the big pour. Didn’t catch a single drop. Accommodation here is generally very expensive. In comparison to what I got for my money at the hostel, this was cheap. Breakfast was excellent!

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Mon, 26. Jun 2023
North Coast 500 - Wee Shop in Westfield near Thurso

I made it to #johnogroats! Certainly not in a record time, but I did as well some detours. Now further north! Now that I’m so far north, I at least want to see the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands. I would not usually take all the travel time to get there, but now, easy! I changed general plans as well and might stay a lot longer in the North. France has been busy already in May, but now with the holidays starting it will be too busy for me. Still discussing with myself whether I should go to the Outer Hebrides. Chances are fifty fifty.

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Mood: happy :)