Taranto, Apulia (Italy)

Taranto, a coastal city in southern Italy, is rich in ancient history, with archaeological sites like the Spartan walls. It features a blend of historical charm, modern culture, and beautiful seaside views.
Weeks I stayed Taranto
EuroVelo 5 - train station in Grottaglie

Ok, here we go. The first real newsletter. First of all, thank you everybody for joining. It's more people than I expected and believe me, I won't be upset if you decide to unsubscribe after this one. I will need to get into writing and this will take a tad of time.

I imagined fabulous things. I imagined that I would tell you that I had a glorious time in Rome November last year. That I would speak now fluent Italian and that I met tons of great people. My Italian is still non existent. I didn't meet people. I did not have a glorious time. But I had a good time. Every day I went for a run, every day I was exploring the city and its churches and every Saturday I went to the farmers market (which I totally recommend if you are in Rome). I made adjustments in my life, which I won't tell here, at least not yet. They were important and good. All in all, the last few months were unspectacular, exactly what I needed.

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Bike transport to Bari in a train

I love trains. You can usually get very easy to the train station, you don't need to check in. You can slowly ease into your destination and see the landscape outside changing. It is my absolute preferred way to travel.

Sometimes, at least in Germany, there are downsides as well. Trains are late, connecting trains can't be made and restaurants are not functioning. And the worst thing. Dirty windows. So you can't see the landscape properly. If I'd be the CEO of any train company, this would be my absolute priority. No kidding.

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