Vic-La-Gardiole, Occitania (France)

Vic-la-Gardiole is a commune in the Occitania region of France. Nestled near the Mediterranean coast, it offers a blend of picturesque landscapes, including vineyards and natural reserves, inviting outdoor activities.
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Wed, 5. Apr 2023
Eurovelo 8 - cold water swimmers on the french riviera

Sorry for all the blue sky. But it is actually very sunny here. Still not a single rainy day, despite the one in Napoli. Beautiful route along the #viarhona, with rides along a canal, the Mediterranean, the Camargue and a super cute town called Aigues-Mortes. There's nothing to complain about. Just one thing: Mosquitos! Somehow the camping ground was a hotspot for them. I was attacked, two times I had even blood running down my legs. Hope they don't occur again that quickly, but got some weapons.

Oh, there was this group of cold water swimmers. All well over 60 with wetsuits. One was even wearing bright red lipstick and was super chic. If I would live nearby the sea, I would try to make this my hobby as well.

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Thu, 6. Apr 2023
IMG 1020 2

Day didn't start well off. No coffee. Cold. Mosquitos. Strange camp ground, really nobody out there. Packed as quick as possible to get off going. But the #Garmin was full again and my laptop empty. Had to reset the whole thing and reconnect. If anybody has a tip to do it more effective, let me know. And I didn't get into biking. I was looking for coffee, nothing. In Sète I almost had a chance, but got into the strike. After Sète I finally got some in a great bakery. Long ride on the coastline, beautiful. But it's again a bit boring. I need to plan the rest of my route that I don't get into too many of these. Yesterday I got lost in La Grande Motte. A huge beach town. Terrible. You get in and out easily, but the in between is just a total confusion of direction. They try to get you onto cycle paths shared with pedestrians all the time, even though the road has great surface and is almost empty. I fall for it every time. Last day on #Eurovelo8, heading towards Bordeaux.

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