Scourie Caravan Park

After a rest day in Clachtoll, I continued biking. And how beautiful it was, again. One of the highlights was crossing the Kylesku Bridge. The elegant form winding through the lush landscape, stunning.

I hadn't booked a campsite for the evening. When I saw the campsite in Scourie, right beside a supermarket and a pub, I was sold. Luckily they had a free pitch for me.


Scourie, Lairg IV27 4TE, United Kingdom

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North Coast 500 - campsite in Scourie

View of the beautiful Scourie Bay

North Coast 500 - new Terra Nova Laser

Pitch with my new Terra Nova Laser

North Coast 500 - Kylesku Bridge

The great Kylesku Bridge is on the way to Scourie

To have a little bit of a framework to evaluate campsites for bike travelers, I wrote my criteria down in another post. The review is based on these criteria.


I was kindly welcomed by a staff member who gave me a quick introduction to the pitches and the site. She was as well very accessible for other questions I had during my stay.

Place away from cars

Sort of, at least a tent area with not many cars and no RVs.

Chair or seating

They didn't have chairs available. But the lady on the reception was very helpful and found a little stool for me, which totally did the job! Really lovely service!

Access to electricity

Yes, there is a little kitchen space on the campsite where you can charge your devices. Additionally, it had a water boiler, which is something that I always appreciated. Makes the coffee in the morning so much faster!

Common room

As mentioned, there was a little kitchen area. In the reception space, there were also some chairs and access to WIFI. But this part was obviously only accessible during opening hours.

Shop or onsite imbiss

Both! Just off the premises, there was an excellent supermarket that was offering everything one could need. Along with the usual goods, there was also a selection of local produce, which I really appreciated. There was a pub right beside it as well. I did not visit it, so I can't say much about it.

Located near a bike route

Yep, the North Coast 500.

Beautiful location

Absolutely! The Scourie Bay is beautiful and from the campsite, you have great views of it. Just a short walk away is the beach.


A recommendation! The staff was very friendly and the site was in a beautiful location. But almost more important was the grocery store. This area of Scotland is not brimming with opportunities to stock up on snacks, so this was very much appreciated!

Last update: 7. February 2024
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