Scourie, Highland (Scotland)

Scourie, located in the Highland region of Scotland, is a tranquil village surrounded by rugged coastal beauty. Renowned for its fishing opportunities and scenic landscapes, it's an ideal destination for relaxation and outdoor enthusiasts.
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Weeks I stayed Scourie
Fri, 23. Jun 2023
North Coast 500 - steep descend with Garmin going crazy

Solo again! And i took shameful advantage of it. Just after a short ride I decided to call it a day. A campsite with shop, bar and beautiful view was there and I couldn’t resist…

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Sat, 24. Jun 2023
IMG 2806

Today‘s landscape was exactly how I imagined Scotland. Long and soft mountains with the occasional peaks. Definitely a great ride and the campervans on the #nc500 slowly get less, therefore more motorbikes. And the sweetest thing happened. I always check whether there’s shop closeby before I call it a day. There was, but It was just about to close nd I wouldn’t reach it in time. There was a foodtruck though that I could actually see. Went there, ordered a burger and asked whether they would have a beer s well. They didn’t have a license. I must have looked a bit sad. The lady said that she would drive me to the next shop. I was obviously hesitant, but she insisted. We just made it in time. And she was such a sweet lady nd explained all the parts of the landscape we drove by. She got some onions as well and I insisted to pay at least for these. She was not happy about that and gave me yet another beer that she had in her trunk 🍻

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Mood: happy :)