Station Farm Camping

I had a very long day planned, but eventually, I decided that it would be unrealistic and made a booking at Station Farm Camping. Once I arrived in Glastonbury, I made a short stop at The King Arthur. Very cosy pub, they even allowed me to roll my bike into the pub! After a beautiful last stretch through the Avalon Marshes, I arrived at the campsite.


Shapwick Rd, Westhay, Glastonbury BA6 9TT, United Kingdom

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A beautiful dinner at the Station Farm Campsite

A beautiful dinner at the Station Farm Campsite

My tent pitched. Geese passing by :)

My tent pitched. Geese passing by :)

Visiting the sheep at Station Farm

Visiting the sheep at Station Farm

To have a little bit of a framework to evaluate campsites for bike travelers, I wrote my criteria down in another post. The review is based on these criteria.


I almost biked past, there was just a little grey sign pointing me to the campsite. Once I arrived, I received the most friendly welcome I experienced throughout my whole journey. The owners asked me immediately whether I would need a chair and whether I was hungry. Both were the case. They showed me where I could camp and once I had set up my tent, they not only brought me a chair, but a whole meal! And they checked in on me to hear more about my journey. Their hospitality was beyond anything I'd ever expect!

Place away from cars

Yes, there's an area where no cars are allowed.

Chair or seating

See above :)

Access to electricity

There was! Bethan and Carl really take good care of their farm and their campsite. While not being a large campsite, they built out their facilities super well! Everything is well thought out and very clean. There's also a special USB hub to charge devices.

Common room

There's an area with a roof and seating where the USB hub is. You can find there a fridge and a small kitchen also.

Shop or onsite imbiss

There was not, but the owners really made up for this! The eggs I got were even from their own geese! There is a farm shop nearby, but it was not open when I arrived. Glastonbury is not far though, you can stock up on food there.

Located near a bike route

It was a bit off my original route and I don't think that it's placed on a long-distance bike route. But it's in the middle of the Avalon Marshes, far off any busy roads. There were lots of people biking and walking.

Beautiful location

Absolutely! The campsite was so beautiful by it's own rights. It belongs to a real working farm. There are sheep, an old pig, two really nice donkeys, horses, and a lot more. The space is absolutely gorgeous and Bethan gave me a great tour of the farm!



I'll be absolutely back! Even when it's not part of a longer bike tour. And I would recommend it to anybody! Carl and Bethan were the best hosts and the place was great!

Last update: 7. February 2024
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