Glastonbury, Somerset (England)

Glastonbury, in Somerset, England, is steeped in mysticism and history. Renowned for the Glastonbury Tor and Abbey, it is a spiritual center with a vibrant arts scene, attracting pilgrims and visitors.
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Weeks I stayed Glastonbury
Sat, 27. May 2023
A beautiful dinner at the Station Farm Campsite

A great ride with an even better ending. I started with a different goal in view. Planned something like over 100km but realised that it would be too hard with the climbs, specially a big one in the end. Changed booking mid day and decided to stay close to Glastonbury at @stationfarmglastonbury . What a great decision! Glastonbury was nice, but frankly, I’ve mainly seen a pub where I could roll in my bike. But Station Park Farm was my favourite campsite so far! Bethan and Karl have been the best hosts ever. They went beyond what one could expect. Immediately a chair was offered, a tour of the beautiful farm given and generally smiles! 😍 they even helped me out with a dinner, mostly with things grown at the farm. I‘ll be back!

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Sun, 28. May 2023
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Nice, and uneventful day. Followed by a rest day in Bristol. Woke up early and wanted to see whether the shops I need would be open. Some meters in my walk I saw a group of people hanging out and a fire burning. Got like SF SoMa vibes. Turned around to make myself a coffee to see what was going on. If I walk into a sketchy area, I want to know and not just wander around. Turned out I was living closeby Turbo Island. Bristol was not my favourite city, but i got all I needed. Shoes, a foldable kettle, gas and coffee. And some kimchi!

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Mood: happy :)