Wheems Organic Farm and Campsite

After arriving at John o'Groats I took took the ferry to Burwick on the Orkney Islands. Very pleasant, and super empty. I worried about how they make money. When I left the ferry I saw how. Plenty of buses were arriving and bringing day tourists back to the British mainland.

I was a little bit worried about the campsite I had booked for the night. It was the only one in the area, but it had quite some really bad reviews on Google and it was a bit remote. I therefore stocked up on some goods in Saint Margaret's Hope.

It turned out though, this worry was absolutely unnecessary! I'm still wondering why the Wheems campsite got so many reviews. It must have been caravan tourists, expecting a standard RV park. Which this campsite isn't, but trust me, it's an absolute gem!


Eastside, South Ronaldsay, Orkney KW17 2TJ, United Kingdom

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Common room at the Wheems Campsite on the Orkney Islands

Absolutely gorgeous common room. Still in love!

My pitch at the Weems Campsite on the Orkney Islands

My pitch on the campsite

Kitchen at the Wheems Campsite on the Orkney Islands

The excellently equipped kitchen at the Wheems Campsite

To have a little bit of a framework to evaluate campsites, I wrote my criteria down in another post. The review is based on these criteria.


The welcome was not overwhelming. I was ringing a doorbell, and the owner pointed me to the area where I could pitch my tent. Telling me that I could always ask him if I needed anything. While not the most friendly welcome, it was absolutely fine. After all, I had already booked in advance and the campsite was quite small.

Place away from cars

There was an area that was reserved for bikes. But the whole campsite was quite car-free.

Chair or seating

There were some chairs on the tent area.

Access to electricity

Yes, very much so. While the campsite is quite basic, it has wonderful facilities. Finding a place to charge your phone is very easy.

Common room

They have one, and it's absolutely gorgeous! It must be one of the most beautiful spaces that I have ever seen! So much love for detail, all assembled over time and beautifully arranged. It's not part of the actual house but in a kind of winter garden. It has a big table, a fireplace, books and information about the Orkneys, it is just spectacular! There's also a kitchen that is so well equipped. Everything you would possibly need. Even an air-frier and a pizza oven!

All facilities were of similar standards. The showers were equipped with shampoo and other things one would need. And everything seemed to be hand-built by the owners themselves, so many great details and very clean.

Pantry or onsite imbiss

There absolutely is. And I have never seen an honesty shop like this one. They had everything one might need, and all in VERY good quality. Even my favorite ginger cookies from the Island Bakery. And a lot of toiletry, all from organic brands. Eggs, milk, and fresh vegetables in a fridge. I was absolutely impressed!

Located near a bike route

It's not directly on the EuroVelo 12 route. But not far off, I'd say a good kilometer.

Beautiful location

The campsite is in a very scenic spot. You have views on the coastline and the North Sea from all pitches. You'll be able to see a fantastic sunrise from your tent. Well, if the weather is right.


I absolutely recommend this campsite for cyclists. It offers all you need and actually a lot more. I very often think back to this beautiful location especially the common room and the pantry. It's great to see when the owners really take care of their property!

Last update: 7. February 2024
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