Saint Margaret's Hope, Orkney Islands (Scotland)

Saint Margaret's Hope, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, is a picturesque village with colorful houses and a historic pier. Known for its maritime history, it offers a charming coastal experience.
Weeks I stayed Saint Margaret's Hope
Tue, 27. Jun 2023
Wed, 28. Jun 2023
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On my way to the islands. First the Orkney Islands, then Shetland. Only two people on the ferry and the crew, which was really nice. At least on the way to. Lots of busses came to bring people to the harbour to get to John o'Groats. Cruise tourists. Had them as well in Kirkwall where I had to wait a bit, as my gear cable needed replacement. All empty, until I reached the cathedral and all of a sudden hundreds of people. Really, pouring in. It must be bittersweet for people living there. The first night on Orkney I spent on an amazing campsite. Small, not too manicured, but really had everything one could ask for. And done in a super nice way. Made me realise, that I miss taking care of a place. They had as well the best honesty shop I've ever seen. Second night was so different, the warden had the charm of a prison guard. Not a lot of biking, due to the repair. Had to change plans a bit.

Oh. I found a little grocery in Kirkwall. They have the best smoked mackerel I had, ever.

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