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Sun, 2. Apr 2023

Day 28 - from Apt to Avignon

Today was the first day I cried. I prepared for possibly the most easy ride so far. Just shy of 60km and basically no ascend. It started well, but then I had to change direction a bit. Going more North/West. And man, the wind. It was blowing into my face for the whole time. Several times I was almost pushed off the bike. And that is really not fun when you're on a busy road. I had to change route, but this was so painful. And the weirdest thing is that nobody seems to recognise the struggle you have. But going against wind is the most unrewarding thing ever. Going up, you get views. Going against whirly headwinds, you get nothing. I got to Avignon though, and I actually really didn't like it. But there was still a great ending to that day, meeting an old colleague of mine.

Another highlight of the day. I got my own toilet roll. I arrived in Camping Land.

IMG 0924
IMG 0934
IMG 0927
EuroVelo 8 - on the way to Avignon
IMG 0932
IMG 0928
Mood: happy :)