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Mon, 3. Apr 2023

Day 29 - from Avignon to Saint Gilles

Today I got what I asked for. An easy ride, with side and tail wind. Such a great change! I possibly said that already, but the bike routes here are great! Mostly not special streets, but small roads. Hardly any cars! I can very much recommend that. All of a sudden a lot of bike touring people around as well. Often super well equipped and somehow a little unfriendly, or I don't know how to describe it. But I met as well a 68 year old lady today who's biking down from Norway. Lots of luggage but good fun to talk to. I'll stay put tomorrow here, but will bike into the Camargue. I want to see white horses and pink birds!

IMG 0935
Eurovelo 8 - Just out of Avignon
IMG 0938
IMG 0940
IMG 0942
IMG 0939
Mood: happy :)