Marmande, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)

Marmande, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France, is a picturesque town known for its medieval architecture and the Garonne River. Famous for its tomatoes, it offers a delightful French countryside experience.
Weeks I stayed Marmande
Wed, 12. Apr 2023
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What a day! I got going pretty early, as I needed coffee, and frankly, cigarettes. Valence d'Agen is quite a nice little town and everything was there, plus the morning pain au chocolat. I asked for the first time during this tour whether I could take a picture of somebody. This old gentleman was just too good to pass. Beautiful little bike, great outfit and a very happy smile. Turns out he's 92 years old and runs the bike shop on the other side of the square with his wife. The shop is there for 80 years. He told me that if I have troubles with my bike I could come to him. Little did I know.

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Thu, 13. Apr 2023
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Not my favourite day. It was clear that it was raining all day and I needed some new spare tubes. I packed again quickly in the morning and got going. That night I camped at a farm. And they had goats, specially baby goats, and a lot of other animals. The smallest baby goat actually escaped through the fence and I caught it and carried it bag. It was just a day old. Carrying baby goats, I could happily all the time. By now I must say I do really love to live in the tent. Fresh air, and I feel actually very safe in there. So safe that I even listen to podcasts about serial killers...

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