Basel, Basel Stadt (Switzerland)

Basel, in Switzerland, is a vibrant city on the Rhine River. Renowned for its cultural scene, including museums and theaters, it boasts a historic Old Town and a lively atmosphere.
Weeks I stayed Basel
Fri, 28. Jul 2023
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A little bit of suboptimal planning. But sometimes days are short, sometimes longer, always depending on where I find a place to sleep. But this one was definitely long. The longest one so far. Again hardly any images, the horizontal one is even from two weeks later, when I passed the same place again. I should have taken a picture of the Roche building that all of a sudden popped up, when I approached Basel, it was really like a Fata Morgana. But I was too focused on making it. Specially knowing that I had quite a steep part at the end. And man, it was steep. But I was greeted with a lot of hospitality, thank you for that!

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Sun, 30. Jul 2023
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Biking into Germany. Actually first time ever biketouring in Germany. Sun is shining, but it’s a Sunday, which I forgot. Shops are very much closed here on that day. But restaurants aren’t, so it’s a bit easier than in France. And something new popped up. Vending machines. First one was for meat and eggs, got some sausages. Then this one, for raspberries. Almost as good as the ones for oysters! Sign posts are actually very good, never realised this before. Well, because I did not use them. And there’s another thing here which I looked very much forward to: beer gardens! With Erdinger alkoholfrei, my preferred sports drink! And those Germans, actually very friendly!

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Mood: happy :)