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Fri, 28. Jul 2023

Day 121 - from Clerval to Basel

A little bit of suboptimal planning. But sometimes days are short, sometimes longer, always depending on where I find a place to sleep. But this one was definitely long. The longest one so far. Again hardly any images, the horizontal one is even from two weeks later, when I passed the same place again. I should have taken a picture of the Roche building that all of a sudden popped up, when I approached Basel, it was really like a Fata Morgana. But I was too focused on making it. Specially knowing that I had quite a steep part at the end. And man, it was steep. But I was greeted with a lot of hospitality, thank you for that!

IMG 3551 2
IMG 3552 2
IMG 3554 1
Mood: happy :)