Brunet, Alpes-Maritimes (France)

Brunet, situated in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France, is a picturesque village with medieval architecture. Nestled in the hills, it offers scenic views and a peaceful atmosphere.
Cycle routes passing Brunet
Thu, 30. Mar 2023
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Started with another round of calypso streets. Up and down, up and down. A lot of fun. And then scenery and street changed. Quite a bit. Big mountains, a canal, and almost felt like being in Mexico. I passed a huge nuclear thingie, not sure what it was. I took a picture of a sign for it, from long ago times, when there was possible excitement around nuclear powers. The road was big and in hindsight looking at the #eurovelo site, I saw that it was recommended to take the train. But all was good, only the last bit was far less enjoyable. But well, things are what they are. I camped on private grounds, signed up via Campanyon and the host was not even aware that she was still on there. But I was warmly welcomed and played Pétanque with the family. Today, again rest day, mainly because. Washed all my clothes in a laundromat attached to a Carrefour which seems to be very common here, and was actually great.

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Sat, 1. Apr 2023
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Leaving Brunet. I had a great stay camping in the garden of my hosts. Specially the parents were super sweet. Well into their 80ies and many stories to tell. I'm invited to Perpignan, I'll try to visit! And a bomb of a sweet thing. Pâte à choux, caramelised outside and cream inside. Well deserved though. Wind was tough again. While I truly enjoy my time in France, this wind. I saw as well my first burnt down forest. Generally it's scary how dry it is, given that it's only April. I won't complain, but not having any rain around this time of year is not normal.

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