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Thu, 30. Mar 2023

Day 26 - from Rians to Brunet

Started with another round of calypso streets. Up and down, up and down. A lot of fun. And then scenery and street changed. Quite a bit. Big mountains, a canal, and almost felt like being in Mexico. I passed a huge nuclear thingie, not sure what it was. I took a picture of a sign for it, from long ago times, when there was possible excitement around nuclear powers. The road was big and in hindsight looking at the #eurovelo site, I saw that it was recommended to take the train. But all was good, only the last bit was far less enjoyable. But well, things are what they are. I camped on private grounds, signed up via Campanyon and the host was not even aware that she was still on there. But I was warmly welcomed and played Pétanque with the family. Today, again rest day, mainly because. Washed all my clothes in a laundromat attached to a Carrefour which seems to be very common here, and was actually great.

IMG 0865
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IMG 0869
Eurovelo 8 - cycling past CEA Cadarache
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IMG 0871
IMG 0875
IMG 0874
IMG 0881
IMG 0882 EDIT 1
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Mood: happy :)