Capezzano Monte, Tuscany (Italy)

Capezzano Monte, a charming village in Tuscany, Italy, offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills. With its historic architecture and serene ambiance, it provides a tranquil escape in the Tuscan landscape.
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Sun, 12. Mar 2023

Quite a glorious day! With a lot of highlights and a strenuous end. Altopascio, I don't know, the name sounded so great. Alto, I believe meaning high up, I somehow expected more, or actually a lot. But the town was not really spectacular. Lucca, my first stop on this day, quite different. Absolutely stunning, with hardly any cars in the city and a big wall around it. Bikes everywhere, everybody out for a nice spring day.

My accomodation was sort of a wild card. I couldn't find anything that wasn't too expensive and this place looked amazing. I had the feeling that it might be quite a bit up a hill, but the owner assured me, that her kids were doing this every day, so it wouldn't be too hard. I ignored my doubts and booked. Oh well.

And, today is the day that I finished my first 500 kilometers!

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Mon, 13. Mar 2023

I was excited to leave the AirBnB. This smell of cat pee drove me nuts. And I was excited to finally see the sea. I saw a bit in Brindisi, but not really. Driving all the way down what I climbed up the other day was very pleasant, but the sea was disappointing. Not because of the sea, but because it was hardly possible to access it. Plenty of beach clubs which did not allow trespassing and all closed, which meant I couldn't get some coffee either.

Not the perfect start, but it is what it is.

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