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Mon, 13. Mar 2023

Day 12 - from Cappezzano Monte to Villafranca

I was excited to leave the AirBnB. This smell of cat pee drove me nuts. And I was excited to finally see the sea. I saw a bit in Brindisi, but not really. Driving all the way down what I climbed up the other day was very pleasant, but the sea was disappointing. Not because of the sea, but because it was hardly possible to access it. Plenty of beach clubs which did not allow trespassing and all closed, which meant I couldn't get some coffee either.

Not the perfect start, but it is what it is.

IMG 0490 1
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The road along the Mediterranean Sea was long, one beach club after the other. Quite boring. At last I found a coffee shop and took a bit of a break. Eventually I went off the coast and inland again. Weather turned and the roads were quite busy. I hoped for a nice break in Aulla, but quite the opposite. Pretty unattractive town, loads of big roads and pretty busy. Eventually I decided to change the route a bit and went up the hill to Lusuolo. Tiniest village, but quite charming, but unfortunately I couldn't find any food and the weather turned and it started to drizzle.

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Once I arrived in Villafranca, I found a local cafe and decided to have an Aperol, even though the weather was not exactly sunny. But the owner was very friendly, gave me lots of snacks with the drink and actually called the owner of the BnB I was staying that night. Villafranca in itself was a bit weird. A rather uninteresting town, but with an old town that surrounded by a wall and quite cute. Lucky me, my accommodation was right in the center of it. But I stayed inside most of the evening as it was really raining a lot.

And I was excited, not about the next day, which would be rather short, but for the day after when I would climb my first mountain pass, the Passo della Cisa.

Mood: happy :)